We've got a title!

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Mabinte, a collaborative composition I recently wrapped with Ryan Edwards, is receiving its premiere in front of thousands in the Hatch Shell on the Charles River Esplanade at 7pm on August 17 (a Wednesday). 

Performers will include the commissioning organization - the ever-amazing Boston Landmarks Orchestra - along with young percussionists and dancers from Greater Boston Boys and Girls Clubs (not to mention Ryan on lead djembe and Brian Mirage as lead dancer and choreographer).

It's absolutely massive, and it should be a great time. Hope you can make it! 

Year of Glad featured on Creative Thresholds!

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I've done a number of interviews through the years, but I think this is my favorite one yet. Melissa from Creative Thresholds really dug in and asked some perceptive questions; we talked about the nature of collaborating across media, the importance of love and loss in art, and lots more. 

Plus, you can check out some video previews ahead of Saturday's premiere!